iBOSS solutions GmbH is your partner in research and development of smart lightweight structures and their Digital Twins in space, robotic and transportation applications. We are linked to excellent academic and industrial partners in order to deliver results on the highest technical level. High skilled experts in lightweight structure, hard and software engineering represent our team. This is our way to merge virtual and physical reality on structural part and system level. It is our goal to deliver individual and high performing solutions on an industrial quality level in order to support our customers in developing their most advanced products.


In the year 2010 a consortium consisting of TU Berlin, RWTH Aachen, RIF e.V. Dortmund, FZI Karlsruhe and JKIC, Aachen, launched the iBOSS project. Funded and supported by DLR Space Administration it was goal of the partners to develop a modular satellite system which enables an on-orbit servicing of satellite components. Thereby the technologies should provide such a high a technical readiness level that they could establish as a standard in space applications. Already in 2015 the interface, which is one of the major components of the modular satellite concept, could be patented. At the same time DLR Space Administration launched the idea to commercialize sales and further development of the iBOSS technologies and to install an iBOSS ecosystem in the mid-term. For this purpose two companies, the iBOSS GmbH and the iBOSS solutions GmbH were founded by members of the iBOSS consortium.

In early 2017 Professor Jürgen Rossmann, Head of the Institute of Man-Machine-Interaction at RWTH Aachen University and the RIF e.V., and Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder, Head of the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design of RWTH Aachen University, founded the iBOSS solutions GmbH located in Dortmund. The iBOSS solutions GmbH works as a professional entity to commercialize the research and development activities in the area of iBOSS technologies. Business fields of the company are all R&D activities linked to iBOSS technologies not only for space but also for terrestrial applications. Additionally the iBOSS solutions GmbH provides the infrastructure for testing and virtual testing of iBOSS specific parts and components. This is accompanied by consulting and coaching services for design, development, mission planning and operations of modular satellite systems.

Copyright 2017 - iBOSS solutions GmbH

Copyright 2017 - iBOSS solutions GmbH